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Fundraising Tips

Personalise your fundraising page
Uploading your own image and explaining in your own words why fundraising for girls' rights is important to you will encourage people to donate. Regular updates are also a great idea!

Share your fundraising page with everyone
Once your page is up, invite friends, family, schoolmates and workmates to donate online!

Access matched donations
Many organisations match donations made or fundraised by their staff members. Why not ask your employer if they will donate to your fundraising campaign?

Set clear goals
Decide what you want to achieve and work out the steps needed to get there. E.g. A fundraising goal of $400 can be reached if 20 people donate $20 each.

Set up a fundraising team
Because many hands make light work.

Thank your donors
Say thank you to your donors in a comment on your fundraising page, on social media, on the phone or even a handwritten note! You're letting them know how much you appreciate their support.

Have Fun!

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas anyone?
Some of the simplest ideas have created the most buzz and raised more money than first thought. You might like to get together with some friends and have a brainstorming session.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

• Trivia night
• Movie night
• School dance
• Concert
• Garage Sale - maybe combine with your neighbours?
• Casual clothes day
• Car wash
• Cook-a-thon
• Party bus event
• Sale of home-made cakes
• Treasure hunt
• Raffle
• Sausage sizzle
• Auction



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